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Man in a Maze is available to buy on Steam on the 16th of October! Click the icon above to get it!

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Would you risk your life for a toaster and a set of steak knives? Of course you would!

Applications are opening soon for a new round of contestants to compete in this season of Man in a Maze! Fabulous prizes and cash could be yours! Sneak your way past lethal robots, avoid deadly traps and use your wits and cunning to survive.

Intuitive Stealth Puzzle Action - A super-simple top-down maze format that anyone can pick up and play.

Deep challenge and Replayability - Clever layouts and an increasing variety of cunning security hazards keep you on your toes. Beat the clock to earn more tokens and coins. Revisit levels in Frenzy mode and get your own back on those pesky drones.

Charming TV Game Show format - All the warmth and razzle-dazzle of a prime-time game show, with countless prizes to collect, lucky wheels to spin and a crowd that wants you to win! Also death. Don’t worry about that though. That only happens to ‘other’ contestants.

Having a ball – it’s David vs. Goliath - armed only with a simple ball against violent, merciless robots, take aim and throw to distract security systems. Activate the chargers to turn the tables and bring down the bad guys.

Awesome arsenal of gadgetry - Use hard-earned winnings to purchase and upgrade various tools to help you conquer the maze. Mines, cloaking, ball-returns and more can give you edge you need to succeed.

A massive myriad of mazes - Sneak, steal and blast your way through 60 ever-more-dangerous challenges that shift through four classic maze and labyrinthine themes.

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